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THE KalEIdoscope coaching model & framework

The purpose of my coaching model and framework is to coach individuals - both young and old, executives and business leaders in building acceptance and resilience in preparation for transition and/or change which may include building self-awareness and personal mastery, choosing a career path, changing companies or changing cultures, handling a promotion or transitioning through retirement.  


The Kaleidoscope model, although primarily a 'transition model', has been adapted for whatever coaching need you may have be it executive/leadership, transition, career or retirement coaching.  Talk to me about your needs and way forward.

What outcomes do I hope to achieve as Coach?

Through a coaching series intervention, I aim to achieve:  

  • Increasing a client's self-awareness and self-confidence, through understanding of one's strengths and how to use them positively; 

  • Enabling clients to accept change and discover something new and unexpected which provides them with a greater understanding and appreciation of themselves and the changes they face;

  • Working through a client's identity and discovery of their purpose and meaning in life whereby they find their own answers on who they are, where they want to go, the impact they have on this around them and to learn about 'being' instead of just 'doing'.

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My Theoretical & Philosophical Inputs
  • Existential phenomenology (Husserl,1938):  "things exist because of the meaning that each individual assigns to them" Chapman, 2010. Phenomenology is rooted in questions so as to give one meaning and a direction.

  • The Thinking Environment (Kline, 1999): "the quality of my listening helps the client's quality of their thinking".

  • Positive Psychology (Csikszentmihalyi, Seligman, 1991): Working with people's talents and strengths to build them positively.

  • Integral Theory & Model (Wilbur, 2003): A holistic, integrative and whole approach looking at numerous aspects of a client's reality from different angles and levels.  .

Recommended Assessments
  • Integrative Enneagram Assessment

  • Gallup Clifton Strengths Assessment

  • Neethlings Brain Profiling Assessment

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