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Whether you are a scholar, a graduate or climbing the corporate ladder, career coaching can work towards unlocking the right path for you where both your desire and abilities combine.

Working with the correct tools & techniques, alongside assessments that unlock further insight, coaching can highlight what options may be best suited to you, your innate skills and abilities.



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Retirement, or the prospect thereof, is a transition that can cause different emotional, mental and physical reactions in individuals. According to Bridges (2006), “transition is a three-phase psychological reorientation process that people go through when they are coming to terms with change”. Retirement can be a painful and sobering experience that most people do not comprehend or value (Wilson, 2016).

Having completed a masters thesis in ‘The role of coaching for corporate executives dealing with the impact of a retirement transition’, I developed a sound understanding of the retirement transition and work together with retiring and retired individuals, through coaching, to embrace this next chapter in their lives and move their identity from one of productivity to purpose. 

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Life is full of change and it is the one thing that is guaranteed.


Should you be moving house or towns, seeking a new position, have been promoted or experiencing a company change-over, these can all bring new challenges.  Coaching can work through these challenges to equip you to overcome them and unlock your full potential. Embrace the change and find new opportunities through coaching.

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