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"Tessa is able to tailor-make her coaching approach and look at things holistically.  Her experience in the corporate world in HR and other consulting roles has equipped her to coach from a place of authority".

     Andrew (Managing Director)

"Tess has impeccable attention during the coaching sessions. She makes reference to something I said in very early sessions, that shows me that she genuinely has a will to get the Coachee to where they need to be."   Silas (HR Business Partner)

"Tess is passionate about her work. She is very patient and gently navigated the process but allowed me to discover the answers. Tess is also an attentive listener. She carefully recorded and remembered details that were sometimes given in passing. Tess made a process that was daunting to me to be an enjoyable and fulfilling one."

Thuli (Practising Attorney)

"Tessa helped me obtain a greater self-awareness and I realized how out of balance my life and thoughts were.  The coaching process enabled me to be accountable and the feedback on the process was consistently positive". 

      Kirsten (Teacher)

"I appreciated Tessa's ability to remain neutral throughout the coaching process.  She had the ability to listen, process and guide the sessions in a way that I would benefit fully.  There was great advantage in going back and reviewing the progress, thereby encouraging further growth".

      Arianne (Founder NPO)

"Tessa made me realise that if you are focused and inspired, you can achieve anything. You need to believe it, you need to know your strengths and work methodically on your limitations.  The process allowed me to believe in myself and my self worth".

     Dawn (National Sales Manager)

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