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New Beginnings 2020

As we face the start of a new decade, we wonder how to take off the old and put on the new. For many of us, the interpretation of this will be different, but for all of us it’s an opportunity to reflect, realign and re-energise an aspect or many aspects of our lives.

Like many things in nature, like a snake shedding an old skin and exposing the new, it can be uncomfortable, maybe unsightly and it may make us uncomfortable for a while. There are a few considerations to take into account when facing a transition (chosen or unchosen). Firstly, assess the situation. What might be some of the challenges you are going to face and how can you overcome them or avoid them? How are you going to set yourself up to embrace a new situation where you can create virtuous cycle and/or build momentum? Do you have a plan? What might the key elements, goals and milestones be that you can peg along this plan?

Embracing the ‘in-between’ stage may feel like you are floundering. You want to hang onto the old comfortable way of doing or being and simultaneously not quite having got to grips with the new way. Know that this is normal and give yourself time to shift. However, hang onto the fact that change is possible and attempt to keep moving forward and not to default to the old during the period of uncertainty or floundering. Your plan and your goals/milestones are what you hang onto at this stage and before you know it, you will be on the other side. This is then the time to achieve alignment. Give yourself small rewards along the way and remember that nothing good and worthwhile in life comes easily.

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