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Maximising your Strengths

Ever been in a job where you feel like a square peg in a round hole? Maybe you are not using your natural talents or strengths and instead of feeling energised and motivated, are feeling frustrated or drained.

In this past year, I have been fortunate to work extensively with the Clifton Strengths whilst coaching clients and for organisations looking for a way to build teams, increase motivation and morale amongst staff and to increase performance. I have noticed the effect on both my clients and organisations have been transformational.

I observed individuals and teams interacting on a higher level when armed with a 'language' that they could now communicate with and building a deeper understanding of each other's contribution and value.

This assessment unpacks one's natural talents which indicate the way you most naturally feel, think and behave. It is underpinned by the field of Positive Psychology and if used successfully, can increase people's levels of happiness dramatically.

The aspect I love about Clifton Strengths is that is does not ignore the fact that we have weaknesses, but instead it encourages the use of our existing Strengths to overcome a situation where we may fall short in natural talents. It also highlights that a talent can only become a Strength through active usage.

As an experienced Coach, I would encourage you to really take time to get to know your Strengths, reflect on what makes you tick, what you want, how you believe you can get it and how you build relationships along the way so that it is a win-win for you and those alongside you.

If you want to find out more about how to Maximise your Strengths, please feel free to drop me an email on

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